Student will be taught individually.
No prior floral knowledge required, except for advanced level design courses.

Who is LFDA floral instructors and their qualifications ?

All LFDA Instructors with minimum 25 years of teaching, won numerous of floral competition awards and trained under LFDA floral principal Ms. Kathy Ong AIFD, CFD

Who is Mary LEE ?

Ms. Mary LEE
    ( more info )

Who is Angeline LEE ?
Ms. Angeline LEE
    ( more info )

Who is Lyn CHAN ?
Ms. Lyn CHAN
    ( more info )

Who is Win CHAN ?
Mr. Win CHAN
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Who is Kathy Ong AIFD, CFD ?

Kathy Ong AIFD, CFD
    ( more info )

Floral Courses Conducting Hour and Day

Time : 10.30 am ~ 6.00 pm
Class days : ( 3 times in a week ) on every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.
Dress code : Casual attire.

  • Students may choose to come Three times in a week, Two OR Once in a week.
  • Students may choose to come anytime between 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.
    But not later than 5.00 pm
  • Student may choose to learn one lesson, two, three or four lessons per class day.
Lunch Time : 1.00pm to 2.00pm

All lessons will be taught individually.
No prior floral knowledge required, except for ADVANCED Level design courses.

Schedule of Floral Courses.

There is no specific intake schedule at our design centre due to different student's requirement. Floral courses are conducted on a one to one basis. Students do have the flexibility to complete their courses within the stipulated time. They could enroll anytime at our Subang Jaya centre during our operation hours  from 10.30 am ~ 6.00 pm on every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday ( lunch time* closed from : 1.00pm to 2.00pm )

Duration per lesson

Approximately 45 mins ~ 60 mins Or more [ per lesson ] depending on individual learning speed, numbers of students attend classes on the class day and the design subject. ( We count per lesson [ one arrangement ] NOT per hour charges ). Max of 4 lessons per day can be arranged if students need to speed up their course.

Student must complete their floral courses within One Year. Student may choose to learn one, two, three or four lessons per class day and student may choose to come 3 times, 2 times Or once in a week.

Student are advised to bring along their own camera for each lesson. Upon completion of each arrangement, they are advised to take picture for their future reference.

Flowers and Materials.

☞ All fresh flowers & materials will be provided in-class. Students are not allowed to bring back the end-product or remaining materials.
A special rate will be offered if students wish to do so.

For Dried & Silk flower design courses, all Material will be charged separately.

( see our supplier list here )*

Before and After each practical lessons.

( Before )
Before each lesson begins.
Students will have to write down notes provided by instructor OR copy from white board before each floral practical lesson begin. ( No photostats copies will be given out, except PFD theory class )

( After )
After each lesson.
Students must clean up their own area and desk after each lesson before proceeding to next lesson or before leaving the class.
Students are advise to take photo of their own arrangement after completed each lesson.
Students must sign for every lesson learned with the instructor on the floral courses list we provided before leaving the class.
Students are advise to bring the floral courses list we provided on every classes day.

☞ Students are not allowed to copy any other notes provided by our instructor from other student.
☞ Students are allowed to take photos of others students final works. ( with permission from Intstructor )

See some of our Student's Work ( Photo Gallery )

See some of our Student's Work   ( Click here )
Some arrangements are from their first day class guided by our floral instuctors.
Browse for more photos, join us on Tumblr.com  
( leeflowerdesignacademy.tumblr.com )

Accommodation & Student Visa

Accommodation can be arranged.

( Motel & Hotel info links here.. )

Food & Laundry
There is no problem in getting food and laundry service around our flower design centre.
We are situated in the vicinity of a lot of international colleges & universities. Varieties of cuisine are served round the clock.

For VISA     ( read more from here )
We do not cover the service of application of VISA. Most of the student come in with tourist visa and then apply for extension if required. Alternatively, our center can fax an offer letter to you stating that you have been offered an intensive floral design course conducted in Malaysia. Usually, visa applicant would be able to get one month visa. If you need our assistant, kindly forward us your passport number, full name and address as appear in your passport. We will make the necessary arrangement to send you the offer letter for you to process your traveling document.

Registration Fee and Payment Options.

Registration Fee : RM 180.00

Payment Mode : we accept payment by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card and e-Wallet ( Touch n Go )
( MasterCard and Visa Card )
For Credit Card / Charge Card : Require 3% charges per transacton.
For Debit Card : Require 2% per transacton.
For e-Wallet : Require 1% per transacton.

( We prefer payment by Cheque, Cheque Deposit, Wire transfer, e-Wallet or Cash )

( No GST, effective from 01 JUNE 2018 )

* Payment by Cheque : Please issue cheque payable to Lee Flower Design Academy Sdn. Bhd.

** Cash Deposit or 3rd Party Transfer / Wire transfer can be made to our
Lee Flower Design Academy Sdn. Bhd.
Maybank Account : 5122   2232   3796.
Malayan Banking Berhad Switch Code : MBB EMYKL
Payment Notification, e-Mail to : info@lfda.my

Lee Flower Design Academy Sdn. Bhd. ( Reg # : 798753-V )
GST Registration Number : 0009 3966 3360
Industry Code : 741 09

Please keep the Bank Slip as for proof of payment and submit it via e-mail or submit by hand to our account department for record and we will issue a receipt.

Examination fees ( for P.F.D.C. only )

LFDA Student can only take the examination if they have successfully completed the Full Course of PFDC ( Professional Floral Design Course ) at LFDA. The exam date will be arrange by our Floral Principal.

As of 03 January 2015, Examination Fee - RM 280.00  ( for Professional Floral Design Course only*. )
[ *Examination Fee will remain the same ( two hundred and eighty ringgit ) Before 01 APRIL 2015, After 01 APRIL 2015 ( Wednesday ) the Examination Fee will be RM 380.00 + 6% GST ( $ 22.80 ) Total = RM 402.80 ]

( Zer0% GST, effective from 01 JUNE 2018 )

( 4 designs required and with 4 design theories test ).

* All fresh flowers, tools & related floral material provided.
* All floral design theme and exam papers will be prepare by our floral principal.

During exam hours ( 10.30 am to 6.00 pm ). No Handphone Allowed. Student/s must not leave their class room or visit other students to borrow any others flowers or tools and must not comment or disturb other students. ( No extension of time allowed )

No visitor and no video recording during exam. Students are advise to take photos after completion of all 4 designs and submit exam papers on the same date of exam. ( Total hours : [ SIX ] 06 ) From 10.30 am to 4.30 pm

Split payment

Normally full payment is required before class commence.
If you intend to split the payment into 2, prior consent has to be sought with our floral instructor.

Mode of teaching

All floral practical lessons will be taught individually, except for theories classes ( for Professional Floral Course Level 1 ) Most of the theories classes will be taught in a group by appoiment, our floral instructors will arrange the appropriate date and time with students ( with one week in advanced notice ). If the date & time for some students could not attend, they may choose the next available date. And for some students who attended, they may choose to attend the theory class again for free ( max. 2 times only )


Floral classes are conducted in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia.

Tools and Equipment

Students will be trained on the use of and given the practical practice with the following tools, equipment and products : floral knife, floral shears, floral foam, floral preservative / food, bouquet holders, wire, ribbon, floral tape, pick machine, floral containers, packaging material and rose stripper.

All fresh flowers, floral materials and tools are provided.

Except for Dried & Silk flower design courses, all material will be charged separately.

Best time to pay us a visit

The best time to visit us is from 10.30am to 5.00pm during any of our classes day on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That's the time you can see how we conduct the classes, see who is our instructors and how students create their flower arrangements. You can also view our five classrooms for a feel of our academy environment.
( Click here to view our students work )

( Click here to view our classrooms )

What can I do with the professional floral design courses?

Once you completed and passed the exam for professional floral design courses, you may begin your plan to open up your own flower shop or work as a assistant to a senior florist and you may also consider to work for the event planning companies that employ creative florists to design attractive bouquets.

Registration Form

Floral design classes conducted at :

Is there any reserved car parking lot for LFDA student ?

Yes, limited reserved parking ( 02 ) lots available for LFDA students, located back lane of our academy. The parking rate is RM 1.00 per hour. No advance booking.

Opposite our Academy, there is a Four-storey building has 630 parking lots with 605 covered parking in the building and 25 open-air carparks, including 14 lots for people with disability and 12 dedicated lot for women. ( View MAP )

( MPSJ ) had set a rate as low as RM 1.00 Per hour from 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., from Monday to Friday.
For Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, the flat rate is RM 2.00 Per entry. After 7.00pm, a flat rate of RM 2.00 per entry applies.

SS 15, MPSJ Multi Storey Car Park. No. 5, Jalan SS 15/4, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.
Location Link ( Click here ) )     For ( LRT, MRT ) Klang Valley Rail Transit MAP, Click here


Hope the above information is sufficient for your initial planning. If you need further more information, kindly send your e-mail to us at info@lfda.my or contact us at Tel : +603 - 5637 0668       Tel : +603 - 5637 0778